Helping Harcelement Scolaire Build Awareness with a Sticky Logo

Case Study
Brand Identity Design

Harcelement Scolaire is a non-profit organization based in Belgium. Their mission is to combat school bullying in schools, primarily among 13 to 18 year olds. They do this by working directly with schools in Belgium."Bullying is not taken as seriously as it should be," resulting in young teenagers, and sometimes adults, being unaware of the consequences it has on others.

Termas Designs' mission is to help Harcelement Scolaire become more recognizable by creating a strong logo to raise awareness in multiple schools.

The strategy needed to facilitate the tangibility of the message and the recognition of the logo for the audience.

They Desired to End School Harassment Desperately

I had a talk with the CEO of Harcelement Scolaire. They were tirred of school harassment that they wanted to collaborate with multiple schools to stop it. After having a talk together, I surfaced the challenge the organization faced. In the process, I prioritized the recognition of the brand and the message of what the logo needed to conduct to the audience.

We started by carefully defining the core values of the organization in order to craft a mark toward that.

Connecting with the Audience Emotionally

The challenge was to make an emotional connection with the audience. We had to find a way to engage them and make them feel something. We worked hard to craft a narrative that would draw them in and make them care about the story we were telling.

Emotions and thoughts dictate most of our actions. We act on them. Usually, the purpose of a logo is to foster recognition of a brand. However, our goal was something quite different. We faced a big challenge that we had to overcome during the process. We had to create a mark that could emotionally connect people to a movement. We wanted the mark to remind teenagers that harassment is wrong when they saw it.

It was really hard. We needed to understand who we were aiming at. To finish the project, we looked at both design and strategy.

Creating Touchpoints

The solution was to connect the organization's mark to the audience. We needed to make the mark logical and predictable, so the audience could easily understand it. We decided to build something based on what the audience already knew, making it easier to create a connection.

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Driving Results with a Recognizable and Logical Mark

We made a mark for Harcelement Scolaire that was both recognizable and logical, and they were very happy with it. After launching it, the organization was able to spread their message to many schools in Belgium. Our strategy made it possible for their audience to make an emotional connection with the mark.

Without a strategy, it would have been impossible to reach our goals.

Build Your Dream Brand Today in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create Strategy

Create a clear and compelling story about your brand that will emotionally connect with your audience.

2. Design

Design a reputable and trustworthy brand that will draw your audience choosing you over your competitors.

3. Build Brand Equity

Execute on a strategy that will enable you to connect with your ideal audience, meaning more sales.