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Etienne G-P

Hello, I am Étienne Giroux-Paquet, the founder of Termas Designs, and an independent graphic designer specializing in brand identity design.
etienne giroux paquet, founder of termas designs
about termas designs

About Termas Designs

Termas Designs is where we share this new opportunity to build a thriving brand that will attract massive success, especially in today's world. We offer our services, teach entrepreneurs, and deeply care about the success of your business. Yes, I'm talking to you behind your screen as a business owner myself. Don't neglect your brand for the sake of your business's success. In fact, building a brand is the starting point of creating a tribe, and creating a tribe is the starting point of making lots of money nowadays, especially on social media. All successful brands have one, and so should you.
Our goal is to create meaningful and effective brand identities that allow businesses to attract massive success by letting their brand work for them. Your brand is a reflection of you and your business personality, and we strive to help you showcase that to the world. We deeply and genuinely care about your success.
Our mission is to help business owners and brands achieve their dreams and succeed despite the competition.
About Etienne

Who I am

I'm a deep believer, designer, marketer, who specialize in branding. I builds attractive brand identities that help brands succeed in todays world.
About Etienne

Why work with us

Whether you're a small or large business, having a strong brand identity /personality is crucial. It will help you draw in more customers, increase sales, build a tribe and create long-term brand equity. Having the right brand will allow you to convert your customers into raving fans that are ready to buy anything from you. Imagine that for a second!
I'm more than confident in my ability to deliver results for my clients. My goal is to help you reach your objectives, just as I strive to reach mine. Helping others is something I'm truly passionate about. It's a part of my purpose.
About Etienne

My Backstory

The Moment My Business Was on the Brink of Failure

I have fond memories of myself, when I was still trying to figure out how to attract clients for my business. I was working so hard on it, but wasn't seeing any results. I'm sure many of you can relate to this.
One night, just like usually, I had to work hard to get things done. I was offering my design services in a video game niche. I was working hard on my business and my ads but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t attract clients like my competitors did. This drove me crazy!
But one night, I said to myself "That's enough!" I wanted to do better than my competitors, so after looking into it I discovered the power of branding. A year later, I was able to do better than my competitors and charge 20x more money than they did.
Yes you heard me, after a long period of hard work, I was able to draw in the right customers and more customers.
Now, guess what happened to my competitors? They were out of business by the time I was successful. They were left behind. They didn’t did what I did, which cost them a lot. From then, I completely changed my brand.
You see, the key to success lies in connecting with your customers emotionally. After I made this small change, I noticed that people started to really take notice of me. My sales went up and I started to attract more customers. We can do the same together! Like always, remember this.

Transform your brand. Increase your profits.
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About Etienne

My education and experience

I'm not going to waste your time. My qualification are my results. If you're reading this, it's probably because you want to know about my experience and qualifications. Here's the truth: I'm self-taught, and I've been doing this for seven years now. I've taught myself a lot, like graphic design, marketing, typography, brand identity design, copywriting, sales, and project management. I read lots of books, and I even have a mentor. Plus, I'm in college for design in Canada. All this has helped me find something special that many graphic designers don't have. I'm really passionate about this work, and I'm sure I can help you.
I had the pleasure of being the Creative Director at Devysion for two years. It was a great experience working with an amazing team - we made short work of our projects and our clients were a delight to work with. My goal was to make sure our work was of the highest quality and that our clients received the best value.
A few months down the line and I'm excited to announce that I've started my own business to help out more people and businesses! It's been a great journey so far and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Build Your Dream Brand Today in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create Strategy

Create a clear and compelling story about your brand that will emotionally connect with your audience.

2. Design

Design a reputable and trustworthy brand that will draw your audience choosing you over your competitors.

3. Build Brand Equity

Execute on a strategy that will enable you to connect with your ideal audience, meaning more sales.