Helping Optical Studios Gain Credibility and Trust with a Fresh Brand Identity

Case Study
Logo Design

Optical Studios (Loyal Concepts) is a creative agency. The problem, they just started out. They didn't have a brand identity, and they weren't able to convey trust with their past brand image. They weren't able to convey trust to their clients because of their brand image and messaging.

Furthermore, they needed an expert to design them a fresh new brand identity, so they can gain this credibility and trust to get the first clients.

A few months after the launch, the agency went from closing their first low budget clients to closing $10k contracts. They were able to acquire and gain this credibility with the help of this.

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Build Your Dream Brand Today in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create Strategy

Create a clear and compelling story about your brand that will emotionally connect with your audience.

2. Design

Design a reputable and trustworthy brand that will draw your audience choosing you over your competitors.

3. Build Brand Equity

Execute on a strategy that will enable you to connect with your ideal audience, meaning more sales.